Took me a while to join up with the bloggers but decided to give it a try for the new year. Im amazed at all the information and internet conversations out there so Im going to see where this takes me. My favorite blog to read is bruce metcalf blog it always makes me think deeper than I thought I could. My friend jeweler Marlene True recently told me about it. My goal for 2010 is to continue to make jewelry that reflects me and speaks to the wearer. Through writing I hope to discover ways to articulate what I am thinking and feeling about the things I am making. I find the real joy is in the making, while in the process, the creating seems almost subconscious followed by a realization or declaration of a reflection that has been defined through the object. This has been a very natural way of working. And so, through this verbal written document I hope to discover a different approach to my creative expression in my jewelry. If for no other reason than to compare and contrast the outcome as seen in the end product.