"The Customer and The Story." After the frenzy of the holiday show season its nice to reflect on the impact and enlightenment derived from such an intense sales environment. I try to listen to the Bruce Baker tape before doing a show as I do think he is right on with advice for show etiquette and selling success. I bring this up because at one of the 3 day shows I did this season I had one of my best and most interesting sales literally 5 minutes before the second day of the show was over (Bruce says never pack up early). A woman tried on and purchased the Rosette medallion, it looked like it was made for her. She paid for it and wore it out the door. The next day a woman came to the show and sought me out because the night before she was out for dinner and so admired the woman across the rooms necklace that she asked where she got it. She arrived, told me the story, which certainly was a compliment to me, as well as the woman who originally bought the "one of a kind" piece. Our conversation continued concerning the reference to the rosette which immediately brought to her mind the cathedral window at the Notre Dame Cathedral. My window came from a local church, but the reference was worth further investigation. This woman bought a pair of rosette earrings. And actually she was one of two that had been referred by the original customer. This series lends to many more pieces for me and certainly is one of the more conversational icons I've used. Something to consider.