East Carolina University Metals Symposium

Mary Pearce initiated a design workshop with specific parameters. Use one material only, no talking for the first 30 minutes and problem solve ie. stick with it and complete the project. The materials offered were rubber bands, black mesh and saran wrap. The object was to let the materials speak to you. After the 30 min. silence the project and results led to a lively verbal and social interaction between the participants.
ECU put together a very interesting day with more to come tomorrow including Bob Ebendorf, Brush Making Workshop, Linda Darty , Enameling and Tim Lazure ,Tool Making. There were also several exhibits of current students, past alumni and metal professors from ECU, University of Georgia and Winthrop College throughout the art building. ECU metal professor Misook Hur currently has an exhibit which we viewed at Emerge Gallery. Thank you, ECU!