I cant believe October is almost over, and this is my first post. It has been a busy fall with work and getting ready for shows. Of course the change of weather has been awesome. Lets see, we have had a fantastic hydraulic press workshop with Erica Stankwytch Bailey at Pullen Art Center. She also had a show at Pullen of some of the work inspired from her Grand Canyon residency. Below are some pictures of her work. The necklace is recycled junk mail and the images are reflections of her shadow on the wall of the Grand Canyon.

We hosted a Drawing workshop by Michael Voors who teaches drawing at East Carolina University. That was great fun, I particularly enjoyed drawing pears.

I got to spend a little time visiting my pottery friend Jennifer Mecca at her home in South Carolina, and at the Cedar Creek Kiln opening. We are actually collaborating on a project that is due Nov 6. and I'm almost done. Had a surprise visit from Marlene True. She has an exciting thing going on at the Pocossin Art Center. Stay tuned for updates on the metals studio renovation that is being spearheaded by Marlene True. I got to spend a short time with Elizabeth Brim and Jayne Redman to discuss a future jewelry workshop at Pullen. Kathyryn Osgood came to Raleigh and we went to the spark.com fashion show. My friend Susan Cannons' daughters were models. Don't want to forget my fifty and fabulous interview with Boom magazine, courtesy of Sandra McEwen.
Somehow I've managed to get some work done, I actually finished and photographed 11 pieces. I've also been working with Julie Price one of our new instructors. We have been doing some enamelling. It has been a crazy Fall. I think I have been running around in circles a good bit. Here are a few of my new pieces, I hope to have them on my website soon. The photography was done by Jason Dowdle.

Got the pumpkin and mums on the porch, snuck in a couple of home improvements/landscaping repairs/modifications. Whew! I am really hoping to find some more focused undistracted time pretty soon. I 'd prefer to be a little more frequent with blog post as things get a little jumbled when cramming them all together like this. I recently got on face book so that has been a slight distraction. I'm really amazed at the energy involved in maintaining all the this social networking. I plan on curating a show at Pullen about artists that blog, not till 2011 sometime. Here's a few awesome pictures just for the heck of it.Add Image

George is tired of "bloggin' Miss Betty", so that's it for now.