December 30th, 2010

As the years end draws near I am hoping to put into words something meaningful to tie up this passing of time in a a nice neat way that suggests closure on so many attempts, ideas and projects pursued. 2010 was a very intense and busy year. I feel like I was pulled in so many directions. There were alot of transitional adjustments to be made. Somehow I managed to reach some of my goals. Im sure I grew in ways still to be realized. I made jewelry. Something about Christmas and the beginning of a new year sets us up for self evaluation and critical realization of whats what and whats been. Im ready to move into the new year, still on my journey of making things as a way to express and understand my place in this universe. Each year the pieces I make leave a trail of what Ive been thinking and doing. I have appreciated how this blog has helped me zone in and document some of the travels. Some of my unfinished tasks will carry on others will be forgotten. The elephant above is the beginning of a project I developed at Pullen Art Center. The animal imagery outline was done by Keith Norval, the mosaic work a group effort by community children and employees and participants at Pullen. Hopefully you will see this project grow onto the out side walls of our building. It will be done in tile and mortar to become a permanent public art piece. This preliminary piece was done out of recycled cardboard, that was spray painted with old cans of paint that were to be discarded but needed to be emptied first. I am so thankful to work in an environment where my ideas are nourished and supported and I am able to pursue my passion in my daily work. Not every one is so lucky.