New Point and Shoot Camera

For Christmas I got my very own point and shoot camera with a macro lens. Previously I have always had to depend on others to take photos for me. So I am thrilled to have this tool to help me keep my jewelry documented. These are my first 3 attempts. I think this will really be beneficial for blogging, and that etsy sight I plan on having up in January. These pieces are enameled. The first one is fine silver champleve' on pearls, next, raised textured dot on coral and the last one is a pierced dome, prong set on a strand of freshwater pearls. Enamelling remains very experimental for me. Basically I try to blend the technique and use of color with designs and pieces I already do in silver such as the rosette and dot pattern. I think the dot pattern is the most sucsessful. I have made several necklaces, varying in size. With my new camera I will soon have them on line. They were actually a favorite at the shows I did this year.