Bracelets, charms and lockets

This has been a really nice long weekend. I stayed home all weekend and worked in my studio. I have a few projects that I need to finish before getting started on my move into a larger room. My friend Sandra McEwan is moving her studio out to Cedar Creek Gallery, and that has motivated me to get moving on mine. She's also gotten me excited about actually painting the wall a color. Im leaning towards the yellow family of colors. I am pretty caught up in the earring a week process. But, Im also getting ready to teach a hydraulic press class making lockets. At work I am getting quotes for new jewelry benches for the Pullen jewelry studio. I was invited to be in a show called Charmed II, it is being curated by Sharon Massey in Pittsburg PA. So I have been working on that. 2011 has started out productively and happily. Still working with my camera it has really been nice tool for these posts and documentation. Love finishing pieces it is so gratifying. Perfect way to end this 3 day weekend Two bracelets wrapped and ready to go.