I have had one project after another lately.

My charms are coming along. They are sterling silver with fused nugold. I think they are pretty charming . I'm really liking this little compact object that is full of texture and a touch of whimsy. I can easily see these pieces translating into rings, bracelets, lockets, and earrings. What more can you ask for from a design or idea. Ive been thinking about how difficult it is to consistently make an object of beauty or interest or grandiose awesome appeal. Mediocrity is not the desired place for your creations to be. I make jewelry that is to be worn, and hopefully treasured. I look at and research jewelry all the time. Its amazing how many jewelers their are and how many different approaches there are to jewelry making and the different purposes served, that are connected to this object making field. I know some of my pieces are better than others. Somehow some of the pieces have a quality that just isn't quite as visible in every piece. Honestly I think the more you make, the more successes you are bound to have. These charms are reminiscent of the 35 enamelled dot charm necklaces I made several years ago. The idea and concept are the same, little gems set in frames that consider the back equally as important. They are reversible, or the back can be a place with etched words for only the wearer to enjoy. I like the way they feel. Some how they seem precious without being pretty. They fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Like a little rock or trinket. How can I make them better? How can I make them more interesting? How can I make them more personal? I think Ill just make some more.