Spring Has Sprung Week 10

This was a hard week due to the awesome spring weather. Hard to want to stay inside working, which means better not wait untill sat. to get started next time. Lillian teardrop cloisonne, Julies' earrings are called measles or mumps, enamelled with gemstone, Megans' earrings are about layering, and patterns. Suzanne is using the same shapes and exploring different ways of incorporating them in the circle/dome format. I actually posted mine right out of the pickle in order to meet the deadline. I'll clean them up this week and post another photo probably oxidized with highlights. I maintained the use of the circle and teardrop with the movement and play I had in the last weeks' pair.

We planted this tree in our backyard to replace a redbud that didn't make it. All the sounds and sights and smells of spring are in the air.
Today is daylight savings, I read that the earth lost some of its time due to the earthquake in Japan. Japan actually moved 13 feet due to the jolt. I grew up in Hawaii and actually remember being evacuated for threats of a tidal wave. The images on tv of that water and its power are unbeleivable, I am sad for all of the loss of life and the damage done. To be sure I just cant imagine what that must have been like.