Week 16 Lillian Jones, S.Krill, J.Brooks, Megan Clark, and Betty

Slowly adding earrings. Lillians earrings have a africanmask feel about them using the ancient technique of granulation. I call mine pretty in pink, little lab grown pink sapphires, simple. Megans little studs are mokume. She has been off doing shows in atlanta. Julies hoops are spectacular she forms them on special anvil they are anticlastic forms, really nice. Hope she makes more. I think May will be my hoop month as I love making hoops. Suzanne is staying consistent with her shape exploration and oxidized surfaces. I think this is her best pair in that series. Feels like Saturday, but its Good Friday, so I had the day off. Dog Sophie got sick so we cancelled our Easter Trip. Rainy day . Lots of exciting things going on. The Pullen Jewelry studio will very soon have a huge upgrade. Ill post more next week.