Favorite photos from last week

Busy week, lots of things going on this week. This ever so cute, young girl is a current printmaking student at Pullen. We all just loved her colorful batiked outfit. Hat and shoes to match, and her shoes even lit up. She is just as pleasant and smart as she is adorable. We are having our fair tomorrow and this is my son Devins' first show. He really likes to make mugs and jugs. Raleigh is growing with lots of construction going on, all of the inside the beltliners are watching the Cameron Village demolition.(Photo credit Devin Mckim). Here are some more portraits of poet/painter George Mckim. I couldn't resist the butterfly. I really don't have a great sense of color and when I saw that image I had to snatch it. It was a real test in reflexes, I couldn't quite catch it with the wings open. I have been trying to add a little zest to my earring photography. The little studs are on one of Anna Podris show cards. Now she really has a sense of color. Many years ago George studied painting at Skowhehan which is a painting and sculpture school in Maine. One of his colleagues who is currently a New York painter was doing a visiting artist program at UNCG. So we went to his art opening, lecture and reception. It was interesting. Enjoyed seeing his work. On display until Jan 8 2012.