Week 39

October is here! Started the month with a visit from Marlene True . She is a friend who works in tin. Her workshop was actually at NCSU craft center. She is off to Penland, doing a workshop next week. But she will do a 4 day workshop at Pullen in January. Her Kentucky Club piece was a demo piece for her students.
Little slow getting this week posted, even though everyone was on time. We are busy at the Art Center getting ready for our annual crafts fair. Their will be alot of nice work available for sale.
Current events are pretty bleak and disturbing right now. I think it is a shame the way the news is showing such tasteless photos of Michael Jackson. It's sad that the genius behind Apple computers has died. I love my Mac Book Pro. All the political campaigning is starting, fortunately Sarah Palin is not running.
The fall weather we have been having has been awesome. I always feel lucky to live in such a nice area. Been doing alot of urban walking and local park hiking, good way to get reacquainted with your surroundings.
The earring challenge is still going strong.
All the members of the group really feel they are getting satisfaction from the commitment they have made to this weekly obligation. I'm looking forward to seeing each of our pieces in their progression, and idea/style development, the way they are presented now sort of fragments the idea development. So far, for me, the photographing has really helped me to see the piece differently than you do on a person, card, or display. It becomes more about the image . For a little variety one week I will ask each participant to photograph their earring on a model.
Lillian stopped by for a visit this week, the granulation earrings she makes are so nice. The blue enamelled sparkle matches her blue eyes. The earrings are truly a gem, and they look lovely on. She has been featured on the cover of Jewelry Artist magazine and has a nine page spread in the magazine. Megan and Julie will be at first friday this friday at artspace, and Suzanne is working on some things with Lee Hansley Gallery and Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill. While Eliza is out Im acting director and hoping to get ready for Carolina Designer Craftsmen , Boylan Art Walk and a Trunk Show at Cedar Creek. Oh yeah fall is definitely here.