"Confident Bird" January 15, 2012

This is a little encaustic painting by Anna Podris titled "Confident Bird". I bought it for George for christmas and just got it back from the frame shop. Im feeling that as of today I can turn the corner of the new year. Finally, Im done with all my 52 earrings. I need to read this post next year and remind myself that it is usually the second week of january before all the holidays are over and Im ready to take on new things. These are my last three pairs of earrings that were finished using my new magnetic tumbler. I will now be on a journey of gathering ideas for a show I will be having at the Mahler Gallery next November. "Memories: Reflections and Shadows". It will be interesting to see where this takes me. I was awarded a United Arts Council grant for this body of work. I've applied to a couple of outdoor shows and had my work accepted in a juried show in Texas titled, Materials: Hard & Soft. All journeys begin with the first step which for me will be cleaning and reorganizing my studio so I can get started.