Block Gallery & Earring Challenge Reception

Block Gallery has been hosting some impressive shows over the years. The space is very open, with a huge curved staircase, the gallery is the lobby/entry of the Raleigh Municipal Building so the art work is enjoyed and viewed by a group of people that might not otherwise seek out to view art. Currently Keith Norval has a collection of his animal painting in the gallery as part of a group show.The round bird painting was my favorite. Anna and Keiths' daughter Ingrid had a great time. She quite enjoyed running around the circular opening of the stairwell upstairs. Then took a rest on the cool speckled floor. Both Keith and Anna teach classes at Pullen and have studios at Artspace. Their art work can be seen all throughout the triangle.
We are pushing hard to get people to come to our Earring Show reception. February 9th 6-8. lots of earrings and just in time for Valentines Day. Winter has been slow coming in North Carolina this year. Makes it more enjoyable for getting out. So come join us next Thursday if you can.