Pet portrait, Babies and Bracelets

Ive been a little behind in blogging, so here's whats been going on. George finished his pet painting commission. It is so sweet and furry. I love this totem piece of yard art that was in Mary Ann Scherrs' backyard. She so generously had our workshop class over to her house for the etching portion of our class. Another Pullen Art Center baby was born. JoAnna Moody had her baby girl Claira True. Hope to go see her next week. This "baby in the pod" painting by Eliza Kiser hangs in the Art Center Lobby. We have had a baby a year for the past 3 years, so begins another generation. It has been a warm and lately windy february, all our vegetation have been confused. Out my jewelry studio I watch as all the gumballs fall in my yard. I love the winter treescapes, but I am getting weary of all the gumball raking. there seems to be no end in sight. My new kitchen peninsula ie. countertop is fantastic it really opens up that space and allows for a whole new choppng and food prep area. As soon as I decide on my kitchen color I will photograph facing the other direction. Several days of February were consumed with the unexpected death of Whitney Houston it has been hard to get all her songs out of my head. She was pretty fantastic. And, in all my years of jewelry making, this past weekend was my first for making a cuff bracelet. Ive known Mary Ann Scherr for years but this was the first time I had been in one of her classes . She is pretty amazing. An absolutely dedicated teacher and inspiration. She covered pattern making of the human body for necklaces, shared some of her design tricks and theories and we each made on of her signature etched cuff bracelet. I hope to get back to more frequent postings. I also hope to be getting settled into a more regular schedule, for all my things I do. Spring is just around the corner.