It was a lovely Christmas afterall

So much to be thankful for. The holidays were filled with decorations and food, local craft shows and sales, lighted houses, sweet, cute children filled with innocence and Christmas excitement. Trees and wreathes, twinkly star tree toppers. Lunches with friends. Such a busy time, everybody doing their thing to get ready for Christmas. I was behind this year but finally pulled it all together. And now  time to reflect, renew and rejoice for all the good fortune passed my way. Think of a way to make next year better, to be a better person, show more kindness to others and push myself to live more fully, basically live in the now and go for the gusto.
I kept wondering when I would get in the holiday spirit, there was alot of tragedy and sorrow this season. Unthinkable sorrow and loss of young lives, making my problems and grief seem quite small. Knowing and doing can be somehow quite difficult.  So this Christmas week I will be  enjoying Christmas, happy for what I have and nourish the things that matter. 
Peace and Merry Christmas to all!