Slowly moving into 2013 "the new year"

Started out the new year pulling a muscle in my back so the new year began by sitting, resting and reading this book . I really enjoyed it. If you like hiking, or walking it is a great read. Ive been laying low, declared to get a little more organized in January, so far so good. A new animal addition to our household, "Mitzi Mango" she seems right at home and Sophie doesn't seem to be jealous or threatened at all.
I'll be playing a little catch up, as Ive decided to do" a link a day" to compile a necklace this year. Went out walking this morning and found this chain linkage, leaf and neon cutter. Motivated me to finally get started. All last years jewelry organized,  jewelry studio cleaned up and ready to go.
Sophie in her bandana resting. George spent the day updating my website, getting ready to apply for some new shows and opportunities.