October Jeweler I know lillian Jones

Lillian is a jeweler extraordinaire. She is also an illustrator, painter, enamellist and industrial designer.
This is the Cloisonne enamel necklace prize for her seasonal equinox treasure hunt she does in Raleigh. It is very complex mythological puzzle that sometimes takes months to solve. Below is the map or guide used to solve the location of the  silver key, which the first one to find, wins the necklace.
A work of art in and of itself.

Lillians' enamels are beautiful and skillfully done.
Lillian teaches at Pullen, NCSU Craft Center and Ornamentea. Her students are lucky to be exposed to her insights, knowledge and skills. I always learn something from Lillian. Her blog is very informative and has step by step tutorials on different enammeling and jewelry making techniques.
Most recently we got a treat to hear her play mandolin and violin at the Pullen open house. Thanks for all you do Lillian. So glad she is a jeweler I know:)