November Jeweler I know Sharon Massey

This was a great group of jewelers I met several yeas ago. They were all in Grad school together at ECU. Sharon is the second from the end on the right.
Sharon currently lives in Pittsburg. She is very active with SNAG, She curates shows, works for a gallery, writes for metalsmith, teaches workshops and most recently had work accepted to the  Schmuck Jewelry
Show in Germany.  Her jewelry is interesting and well executed, she has won numerous awards and international recognition for her work. She has been featured at SOFA. Her innovative approach to jewelry making and unusual use of materials have given her a solid spot as a significant contributor to contemporary metalsmithing.

these are some of the pieces Sharon was making using fiber and metal and allowing the metal to form pigment  (color on the fabric), these were the pieces she was working on when I last saw her at SNAG (several years ago)

this is an enamel and steel piece, I was fortunate to get one of these at the pin swap.

here she is looking regal, she modeled this piece at one of the snag" jewelry in motion" shows.
I'm pretty sure I first met Sharon at the St. Petersburg Snag conference. Someone was handing out the miniture chasing hammers and they were all gone by the time I figured out where to find them.. Sharon had 2 and generously gave me one. I thought that was so nice. The heart is actually a Thomas Mann piece, I  met him at that same conference . Definitely check out Sharon's website. It is very well done, her work is amazing and I have only skimmed the surface of her accomplishments.