Summer 2014

Steve Winwood and Tom Petty Concert.
I guess this is all old news.  Summer is over, it was good. The coast was delightful, the mountains were beautiful.

Significant birthday:)
Lots of abstract and introspective thinking. I'm ready for fall now.

Way overdue to busy to post

Therefore this one may need to be somewhat jumbled. Got off track with my 3 a month challenge and totally fell off my "jeweler I know" for each month . So Ill play catch up.   Spring started with SNAG conference in Minneapolis. I had not been in a couple of years, and really enjoyed seeing people I hadn't seen in a while and meeting new people who are devoted to the field of metalsmithing. Some of the lectures were outstanding my Favorite was Mirjam Hiller, from Germany. Her work and presentation were spell-
bounding. Here is a piece that was purchased by one of the attendes at the conference.  Bob Ebendorf received a well deserved lifetime acheivement award, his acceptance was gracious, sincere and inspirational for up and coming as well as seasoned metalsmiths, jewelers, art jewelers, designers and craftsmen ie. makers.

This was the first time my husband George experience a SNAG conference. He had a great time touring around the art museums and biking the greenways. The gallery night took us all over the city my favorite show was in a bookstore in "uptown" the show was about art with words and featured a piece by a "jeweler I know" Adrienne Grafton.  Be sure to check out her website.   

the famous cherry by Claus Oldenburg at the Walker and a Frank Gerry Building "The Wiseman" at the University of Minnesota.
Needless to say we saw lots of art.
Got back to a fabulous work-
shop with Tim Lazure another "Jeweler I know"He is currentlty teaching a ring making workshop at Penland with Jen Townsend. His work is exquisite, he is a master craftsmen and makes wonderful tools, as well.
Did I mention puppies and pears and flowers. "Larkspur", "Artsplosure" and today is the first day of summer, summer solstice.. Another season to embrace.
Lisa Oakley pears at Larkspur
Georgia O'Keefe
"in the garden" series
The cat mural complete this year at "Artsplosure."

Edward Hopper.

March Month Jeweler Sandra McEwen

Sandra designing, her drawings and use of color reflect her RISD  illustration background
Her patience and skill are amazing, she creates interesting and unique jewelry at her artspace studio.
Sandras' Blog shows several of her processes for cloisonne and champleve pieces at   She will be teaching a May workshop at pullen.

this was february somehow it didnt post. Feb & March blurred long winter.

River dwelling delux

College of the Albemarle Professional Arts Bldg

Barber Shop in Columbia NC

Beautiful Gallery at COA
Laura Wood piece in Chroma Show at COA
Sunny day Turtles everywhere
my first trip to Pocosin
puppy classmate Lily
Devins first meeting with Baxter
Baxters first long car trip
puppy classmate MAX
puppy classmate little Lily
Devin's new cat Bean
Cameron Village

the snow
the cat in the box
more snow
a necklace completed for the Chroma Show

February Jeweler I know - Tara Locklear

Tara's new hoops
retail show at Baltimore
wholesale at Baltimore
Tara and Ashley Buchanan
featured artist for acc show(that's her necklace)
I met Tara through Sarah West, they were both in the Metals program at ECU, at the same time. Though I had known Tara's work, before meeting her. She is savvy at marketing and promoting her work through excellent photographic images, and social media networking. I'm not sure how she does all the things she does. Lots of traveling, invitational shows, curating as well as participating. She teaches workshops and is very involved with SNAG.  The work I've featured is all made from recycled SkateBoards. She is a very passionate, positive, energetic, and artistic force who is connected and devoted to the growth and future of the metals and jewelry community. Im glad she is in Raleigh and has acquainted herself with me and the Pullen Art Center.

January Jeweler I know Marlene True

Marlene is a jeweler I've known for atleast 10 years. This type of ring, made of tin, was something she was making and teaching when I first met her.     She wears many hats, and is one of the busiest people I know. Later her work in tin used alot of multiple componets, combined with steel.
These are new pieces inspired by her new residence in Columbia NC. Marlene makes studio art jewelry, she teaches, is in numerous galleries and invitational shows, works for the Society of North American Goldsmiths, and is most recently the Executive Director of Pocosin Art Center.

ECU Symposium 2014

Started out the day with a salt water etching demo with Arthur Hash, got some good tips from his Demo which barely scratched the surface to his high tech jewelry making techniques. I look forward to checking out his Blog.
50/50 Show Piece by Laura Wood
Tools of the trade, hinge workshop by Kappy Counard
Samples by Charity Hall
More samples, her talk was about her discovery of glow chemicals to add to enamels, below is part of her insect collection of which parts of them are set in her jewelry.
Enjoyed the work at the Art Avenue Gallery on 5th street
Cup by Rob Jackson
One of my favorites by Julia Turner
Stacie and I came together and met Kathryn Osgood. It was so much fun seeing alot of the former grad students and ECU Alum and Faculty plus meeting new Jewelry and Metal artists.

January 1, 2014

One of the "Best of 2013 photos"

Cruised through the holidays mostly interested in wrapping, ribbon and sleeping by the fire.
over the river and thru the woods visiting the grandmothers
No snow, mostly rain and drizzly.
"Ludger", the New Years Eve, beautiful white horse we met.
Selfie photo bomb
What does the fox say?
November: Link a day
December : Link a day  Done!!
New January puppy "Baxter"

Reflecting on, grateful for, and wishing you a Happy New Year!

December Jeweler I know- Sarah West

"Raleigh visual artist Sarah West’s work resides at the intersection of jewelry and sculpture. Working from abstract drawings and collages to create diagrams of emotional landscapes, she exposes the underlying geography of memory and history through overlapping line, shadow and imagery. She is inspired by the open latticework of bridges and electric towers, and the internal architecture of buildings, maps and trajectory patterns. In 2012, West’s work was on view in Public Record, a solo exhibition at Artspace, Raleigh and in the Penland Artists Summer Show and Illume, both invitational shows at Light Art and Design in Chapel Hill. She earned a B.F.A. from East Carolina University, Greenville." 
(statement from nc art council)
Sarah also works at Pullen Art Center 
She teaches Jewelry Classes,
has been a tremendous help with our Gallery Exhibitions,  and is also front desk savvy. She is a whiz at computer and administrative duties. All in All we are so glad she came on board, highly recommended by Tim Lazure.:)

Check out her website
and be sure to come out to her opening at  CAM Feb.6, 2014
CAM Raleigh is thrilled to present the winners of the 2012-2013 North Carolina Arts Council Visual Artist, Craft Artist, and Film/Video Artist Fellowships 
January 31, 2014 through April 27, 2014
Opening Celebration February 6, 2014

Fall became winter, still thinking about November.

Nov. 17 puppies were born one of these will be mine, a boy named Baxter, they will be ready Jan 7.

A commission, for a company logo. quite challenging actually
convention center presentation, for parks and rec.

                                            CDC, always a challenge, equally as rewarding.

                          Fall suddenly became winter its safe to say Thanksgiving was a blur, 
Finally used my Tim Turner Dinnerware, Got some of my earrings on the internet for catalog sales, Devin had a gallery show in Greenville, celebrated my mothers 90th birthday. And I was happy that my new favorite earring designs were well received. There is more, this was an unusually busy time. But they have changed something again on blogger so I will quit while I'm ahead. Thanks for reading :)

November Jeweler I know Sharon Massey

This was a great group of jewelers I met several yeas ago. They were all in Grad school together at ECU. Sharon is the second from the end on the right.
Sharon currently lives in Pittsburg. She is very active with SNAG, She curates shows, works for a gallery, writes for metalsmith, teaches workshops and most recently had work accepted to the  Schmuck Jewelry
Show in Germany.  Her jewelry is interesting and well executed, she has won numerous awards and international recognition for her work. She has been featured at SOFA. Her innovative approach to jewelry making and unusual use of materials have given her a solid spot as a significant contributor to contemporary metalsmithing.

these are some of the pieces Sharon was making using fiber and metal and allowing the metal to form pigment  (color on the fabric), these were the pieces she was working on when I last saw her at SNAG (several years ago)

this is an enamel and steel piece, I was fortunate to get one of these at the pin swap.

here she is looking regal, she modeled this piece at one of the snag" jewelry in motion" shows.
I'm pretty sure I first met Sharon at the St. Petersburg Snag conference. Someone was handing out the miniture chasing hammers and they were all gone by the time I figured out where to find them.. Sharon had 2 and generously gave me one. I thought that was so nice. The heart is actually a Thomas Mann piece, I  met him at that same conference . Definitely check out Sharon's website. It is very well done, her work is amazing and I have only skimmed the surface of her accomplishments.

October Jeweler I know lillian Jones

Lillian is a jeweler extraordinaire. She is also an illustrator, painter, enamellist and industrial designer.
This is the Cloisonne enamel necklace prize for her seasonal equinox treasure hunt she does in Raleigh. It is very complex mythological puzzle that sometimes takes months to solve. Below is the map or guide used to solve the location of the  silver key, which the first one to find, wins the necklace.
A work of art in and of itself.

Lillians' enamels are beautiful and skillfully done.
Lillian teaches at Pullen, NCSU Craft Center and Ornamentea. Her students are lucky to be exposed to her insights, knowledge and skills. I always learn something from Lillian. Her blog is very informative and has step by step tutorials on different enammeling and jewelry making techniques.
Most recently we got a treat to hear her play mandolin and violin at the Pullen open house. Thanks for all you do Lillian. So glad she is a jeweler I know:)

where did September go?

Mitsie loves any opportunity to get outside
link a day  September 
"Day of the dead" Earring, soon to be Cedar Creek catalog internet item :)
weekend workshop , mokume is loud !
Wayne Werner led the workshop
class samples, rings, bracelets and earrings
Hope to have Wayne back for Stone Setting, these are some of his rings
wish list Christmas present
foredom tool sale
Mitsie on her perch waiting,
Fall and October are here, next time there should be alot more leaves.

September update

I have enjoyed having the work of Sue Luddeke
and Michael Ehlbeck at Pullen Art Center, this show will be up through the month of September.
These are the pieces I have been working on for Keith Norvals', "Day of the Dead" Show. It will be at The Design Box for the month of October.
Good Morning Brevard, started the month with a trip to Brevards', Pisgah Forest.,
                                                     and even saw the white squirrel.

September Jeweler/Metalsmith Julie Brooks "Aesthetic Emotion"

baby rattle

sterling silver, fine silver, fiber, steel shot

Julie studied at ECU and MFA, Dartmoth College, Mass.I met her at the Memphis SNAG conference. She is quirky and smart and fun to be with.
"The Julie Hammer" named after her
 She is off on a 2 month, workshop teaching trip out west, Check out her website for the NCBlack teaching schedule
Julie and Jenni, Always a place for those two at Pullen. The jewelry studio will miss Julie. Happy trails.

Another jeweler I know, and a visit to Wanchese.

"Quilt"  Katherine made many years ago.
Some of her works in progress.
A wall of samples and lace like enameled pieces
a mid morning walk walk on the beach
Jeannette's Pier at Nags Head
Walking on pier, found this. George's dad designed the NC Aquariums,  and this pier was part of the project
Visited the Bodie lighthouse, Katherine's husband Joel works there this summer.
Enjoyed the flowers and nature boardwalk in Manteo.
College of Albermarle where Katherine teaches and runs the Jewelry/Metals program.
Early morning shots around her house in Wanchese, very much a working fishing and boat building village.
These were at the aquarium, big shark, cool shadows.

And now back to Raleigh, things I'm working on, multiples, August link a day, there are 31.

I've enjoyed knowing Kathryn Osgood for several years. She will be at Pullen this weekend teaching an enameling workshop.

Jewelers I know.

August is moving right along. I had decided I wanted to feature a jeweler a month on my blog. Im lucky to know a lot of really talented artists
who work in metal and create jewelry. This month I am featuring Megan Clark. I met Megan at Pullen Art Center, soon after she had graduated from SCAD.  She now has a studio at Artspace in Raleigh, NC.  Her career has soared. She does shows all over the US and wins awards for her work. Currently she won the first place for silver from the prestigious Saul Bell,  Rio Grande Competition! The necklace is featured on the cover of Larks latest 500 Art Jewelry Necklaces.  Check out her website at


New work I'm doing right now
I wish I could figure out how to get this good of a photo for my jewelry
Random image I made with camera, couldn't tell you how I did it but I like the abstract surreal quality
Here's another one, happy accident
Tthat Mitsie, she keeps her eye on me:)
Yellow Hibiscus
Been on the hunt for a solar lamp post for front yard,  in memory of Sophie, this was a pretty and historic church in Savannah beautiful windows.
Such a rainy summer this year. Everything is very green. I  have spent alot of time enjoying the back porch.