Boylan Art Walk

Last show for 2010. It was a pretty tough season for craftspeople this year. There is alot of competition and the dollars being spent can only be spread so far. Its great that people are truly concentrating on shopping locally. I definitely noticed that most of my customers were someone who knew me or had previously purchased jewelry from me. I really appreciate all those customers because their purchases keep me able to continue making jewelry, simple as that. The shows probably give me the most exposure for my new jewelry, and the feedback helps me regroup and get ready for the next designing and selling season. Im always trying to tweak and improve my display. This season I did try new things and will keep trying till Im satisfied I've found the best way to show and display my jewelry. Right now I am intrigued with the idea of using cast paper heads and body parts.
Im very lucky to have my husband George for a helper. As any one who does shows will agree the prep, set up and take down can be stressful. The other thing I set out to do this show season and year was to complete all my unfinished projects. I did a pretty good job. I really want to have a new direction for 2011, less clutter. This Dec and Jan Im determined to get my studio moved into a larger space, organized and redesigned. Now that the shows are over I can focus on that.