pullen new digs

Heres a shot of the old tables, replaced with 7 workbenches from Rio. We covered the tops for protection and got the bench pins cut. The steel blocks from the old bench pins will remain at each bench for hammering. We are grinding and finishing them so they will be good for forging. Julie and Keith did a great job assembling the benches. The parks crew and Melvin got them off the truck .. It was an exciting day at Pullen Art Center. More to come as we are decluttering, brightening the walls and adding a new cutter and more flex shafts. Right now we arestill waiting for the worktable that will house the new equipment.

This new arrangement utilizes our space much better than before, so hopefully less crowded. We have 2 workshops coming up Ben Dyer :Forging and Tim Lazure :Rings. We will see how that goes with the new space. Julie has been rearranging the enamel area and working on a sample board, she has initiated a monthly enamelling club. Check it out.