December : Before its over

Baxter and Mitsie got the holidays going early this year by finding a box of ribbons. Glitter everywhere.They are definitely mischief makers.
Finally finished the "jewelry exchange" documentation. I traded with Llyn Strong from Greenville SC.
And the Christmas cactus bloomed
Mary Anne K. Jenkins had a special birthday party, hosted by her two children it was good to see her. And then the shows began ...Piedmont
New display. I like the colorful rug with the predominately, blacks and whites. Alot of new work.
"Heirloom Brooch", Rhodalite garnet, 18 k and oxidized silver
                                          flower necklace with handmade chain. From the series                                                                           "Clouds got in the Way". Things got a little dark
                                          and sad, RIP,  MTM Nov 25, 2014 just shy of 91.
                                          I will miss you Mom.

                                         And my cactus bloomed. We walked the beach,
Had thanksgiving, and next thing you know it was Christmas.
It's the eve of Christmas Eve. Ive embraced the season, watched Christmas movies, filled last minute orders, drank alot of Starbucks while out shopping, spent time with friends, somehow I haven't felt as stressed out and crazy as usual, just enjoying the quiet of the night. It's raining and cold outside. Enjoying our little tree with magenta balls.  Peace to all.