january brrrrrrr , Feb.. March 1......

Samples and work by Jessica Calderwood
Several days of this
outdoor light sculpture by Susan Cannon,
Demo piece from ECU Symposium by Kim Cridder

Two pieces from ECU Symposium that I liked, Check out Arthur Hash Blog for a great photo documentation of the event http://theartescapeplan.blogspot.com/

Spring has got to be on its way

its really was February.... Had a great time at ECU symposium this year, lost our heat for a week, put up my first official trunk show and now settling into some projected goals for 2015.  Work more on selling the magic, get photos with a model, get photos on white background, make a major neckpiece, add two more shows to my year, fence the other side of yard, These seem doable. Its really cold outside, we may get a snow. planning a fall trip to Vermont. Jessica Calderwood workshop at Pullen and SNAg in Boston.......lots to sort through, better go one at a time. Got snow.  2 snow events later , and now its March.