belated fall and chritmas post. Today it feels like Winter.

Haven't been keeping up with blog lately, mostly because I switched websites and need to be doing blog there instead. Using Square space now, slowly getting that all together This blog is more like a journal for me I think I have been keeping it for about 5 years now. It allows me to keep track of events and things as they happen. October, Nov and December all ran together. Full of workshops at Pullen, a hurricane that altered my show season. New photography, new work and new galleries. Home show in Charlotte,  kitchen renovation, baby shower, trip to Boston, Brevard and Asheville. All fun and so nice to reunite with old friends.

George and I cooked this Christmas, mostly warmed up but none the less spent alot of time in the  kitchen
Added a snow owl to our christmas tree

My favorite pictures from the fall
the warm wet fall created alot of this on downed branches
more fungi
little gem like leaves

The shows were good I appreciate all the support, from customers, friends and family. Thank you !
Christmas eve walk on beach
New display idea

I truly enjoyed watching this tree this fall it is a Ginko Tree at Pullen being protected during the construction that is going on right now.

Jennifer's maple tree, We went to Asheville during leaf season. Raleigh had a pretty spectacular show going on here. I heard a Bob Dylan line today that said "Don't keep looking at the house across the street and thinking its paradise".

Decided to bring back the "sexy earring" this winter Jennifer wears it well
all grown up 2 now
necklace to match coming

Still blooming
Christmas full moon
Star Wars
Devin graduates mfa this spring
Mitsie portrait

We actually stayed up past midnight... here's to a Happy New Year, hopefully healthy and mixed with adventure and meaningful good times. Peace to you in 2016