update.almost spring ,tho i started this in the fall of 2016

Clearly November-Feb was a blur, if you erase politics. This blog never got posted. And since this blog is about jewelry and the things that inspire me,  I will blame the political distraction for my remiss. Finally trying to get back on track. Actually this old post reminded me of my attempts to stage my jewelry for the shop section of my website. Within the next few days I will have posted the  pieces I have left as I am aiming for a new collection this year.

Since I'm getting ready to update my website, I wanted to also get my blog in sinc with what I'm doing. The date for closing Pullen for renovation has changed to November 2017.  My first co-curated exhibit is hanging now at Pullen, "My Precious: an Exploration of Materiality in Contemporary Jewelry."
Fun trips to NYC, Vermont and Philadelphia, DC & Richmond , all art related. I will be teaching a class at the NC Museum of Art, Simple Metal, Cold Joined, Silhouette Brooch using The current Venetian Renaissance Art Show as a point of reference.

Fall 2016 post
Unique, wearable, timeless the new three words I'm using to describe my jewelry. Summers gone, Fall is here. Had the last Larkspur last summer I will miss that show. Went to the beach several times and really lucked out on good weather. Though it was such a hot summer, my grass is finally growing and I've completed my fence. This was a summer of organizing and purging and dealing with rearranging households to accommodate extra furniture and new living situations. I just participated in the Bluegrass Art Market in downtown Raleigh, Very well attended, next up CDC, Concord and Boylan Art Walk. Work at Pullen full steam with preparations for renovating. Still have a great lineup of workshops and shows before the April 30, 2017 closing. The new building and jewelry studio will be fabulous. So now to try and sum up the time that's gone by in pictures.
And so the cycle continues