winter-spring 2018 old news on to new

Safe to say we have a full house ... Finally spring has sprung. New things happening, settling into all the changes 2018 has ushered in. Bean and Mitsie seem to get along little better. Baxter and JoJo are BFF. George and I keep on plucking away at painting and jewelry.

said goodbye to my Subaro of 13 years got another one charcoal grey this time.

Planted 50 tulip bulbs they were striking, First time with Bearded Iris.

Visited Gregg Museum for some interesting art shows

Seems a lot of things got broke and had to get fixed, teeth, appliances, cars... Did a good bit of decluttering, more to do. 

Sertoma is finally starting to gel for me, semi retirement agrees with George.
Because  my blog is a way for me to document these images I will put it up. Since Im picking up in December there is quite a gap. All in all 2018 has been a good year. Made some nice jewelry, traveled, saw old friends, tried to keep up with current friends and family.